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Support Vaccine Research

"Le plus grand bien au plus grand nombre"

"The greatest good to the greatest number of people". was created to support GENART Technologies, Inc. and GENART Laboratories, Inc. whose primary mission is to develop affordable, effective and safe therapeutic and preventative vaccines for various diseases ranging from HIV/AIDS to cancers. In an effort to keep the final cost of our vaccines affordable, we chose to avoid pressures from financial investment obligations. (see GENART Technologies 1st letters) It is the same effort that brings forth this 1st music CD "Eternal Embrace".

At, we not only support vaccine research; but we also stand to support missionary works in the USA and third world countries. Through our "Sharing Partners" program, non-profit organizations can register on a referral system and benefit up to half of the business profit they channel to our website. Our current partners include church organizations, student organizations and scholarship funds. To sign up for our Sharing Partners program, please contact us at:

God bless America !!!

The world expects you to do the impossible because you are an American, we beg you to do the impossible because that's what needs to be done..

Our country is always traversing some very difficult paths. Then again, we are the path finders. 'been there, 'done that… As former President John F. Kennedy puts it, the solutions lie in each and every one of us: "And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man."  THAT'S SHARINGALL ECONOMICS !

Remember: the most important natural resource in America is good old "American Ingenuity". The whole world looks up to us and actually expects us to solve problems. In fact, Americans have solved problems before the rest of the world even knew such problems existed. Incidentally we also created some problems. Education and access to health care here at home are just as fundamental as the rights to liberty, food and shelter … and the pursuit of happiness. Fear not the rising cost of college tuition and all the scary things around us, aim to dissolve the greed (which is really a fear of the future…) that impede progress and we shall build more hope for future generations…

Remember: the more fear we forecast on the future, the more greed we will see. So aim to solve the energy crisis and aim to solve the epidemics and you will see less greed and a brighter future for your children. Why you ? – We're not asking you to do the impossible, we're asking you to do what needs to be done. Yes it may seem impossible but just do it! Why you? of course you, because you too share the dream that one day soon all these problems should be solved. Politicians and scientists alone can't do it. It's time we all do something to make this world nice and safe.

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