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Song Lyrics

Would you be Mine?

On the screen of my dream
With a friendly smile you seem
To watch me
Throw away everything I have
And going crazy for your love
Every day I live my heart's on fire
Ever since the day I found you
I'm burning with desire
I have been all around you
Wrapped in a dream
That never touched you
One of these days I'm gonna
Show you how love conquers
Forever and more
For all the memories and the dreams
That made you what you are to me
I am begging
I wonder If you'll see me
In your world tonight

I want to be yours
And you to be mine
Would you be mine
Would you be my love tonight

I have seen flowers bloomin'
And rainbows on rainy days
None of these marvels that I've seen
Could ignite my heart
The way you do
Would you take my hand
and take my heart
Every time you take my breath away
I am burning
I wonder if you'll see me
In your world tonight
                                                                        Copyright 1997 Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

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