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Song Lyrics

This Feeling Inside

I'm looking for some words
I'm looking for some ways
That I can show you how I feel
This feeling inside goes beyond
What words can explain

So many times I wonder
Why I'm feeling
What I am feeling
By the time I reach for some answer
The thought of you
Crossed my mind
It feels too good
To believe it's true

I'm not dreaming
I am feeling
This feeling inside
My heart, my very soul
And my whole body yearns for you

The same feeling is inside you
The one
We rediscover at every touch and every smile
This feeling inside
Made us "us"
and made us one

So many times I wonder
Why and how I've come
To love you so
But Every time I look into your eye
This mystery becomes
  Crystal clear
It's like Summer
The whole year

                                    By Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD
                                                                        Copyright 1997 Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

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