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Song Lyrics

The Weapons>(It’s raining bombs…)

The weapons of the world are ready
Ready to destroy us ten times
And they got  triggers
at their fingers
If ever one of those should go
Every mother every father
would lose their mind
Looking for their children
Another sunny day
Could be the last rainy day
It could be the very end

Does it matter to you
Does it matter to you
That we still want to live
Does it matter to you ?
No matter where you are
No matter where you go
You'll still hear them cry
“they dropped the bombs
they shot a man
They dropped the bomb”

It took millions of years
To carry this world to where we are
With miracles and mysteries
Now you who hold those weapons
I don't want to hear
Another call say:
"Oops, we should have known"
One more mistake
Could be the last big mistake
It could be the very end

They turn the world  into a theatre
They’ re shocking people
They light the sky
It’s raining bombs
They’re playing games
They’re dropping bombs
In shock and aw
It’s raining bombs.
Copyright 1997 Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

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