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Song Lyrics

The Refugee

Because he wandered

And wondered
Why his life is changing shape,
He discovered
A cruel reality he can't escape
He had it to the max he had to leave
All his hopes all his dreams to believe
His world had let him down
Cold and alone along the way

Our refugee is lonely
In a crowd
In a world full of trouble
Waiting for his fate
For the worst
Or the best
It's getting late
Late for whatever is yet to come
Late to go back where he came from

He brings a message
We have yet to translate:
"Nul n'est prophete
Dans son pays".
He's a reminder
To love one another
No one is a prophet in his own country
So now he's a stranger in a strange place
He ran a thousand miles
In a little while
Yet the shame
Was still with him
With despair written all over his face

No one is prophet in his own country
So Let there be a refugee!
Qu'un refugie soit !

                                                                        Copyright 1997 Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD


- Nul n'est prophete dans son pays = No one is prophet in his own country

- Qu'un refugie soit ! = Let there be a refugee

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