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Song Lyrics

Scientist’s Prayer  (Beyond our Minds – Remix)

While the two poles
Are fighting to control
The fear
            and the despair
They cause
With the injustice they enclose,
Some try to live
Others try to survive
But in our struggle
We often miss
The love around us.
Oh! My God
You will have to forgive us
There are too many times
We know not
What we do
We will forever thank you
For the love and the wisdom
To see life as you made it
In our hearts and beyond
                        our minds

Beyond our minds
Again and again
Beyond our minds

When we don’t know
What we don’t know,
We think we know…
‘Till we discover the wonders
of Love and Truth                              

… For Love and Truth
Oh Lord take me beyond,
Again and again…

Words & music by Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD        
                                                                         Copyright 1997, Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

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