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                                                                                                August 30, 2003
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Re:  HIV  Vaccine
Dear Friends and Elected Officials:

I am writing this letter to ask for your support to help finalize the pre-clinical studies for a truly noble research project that I strongly believe will lead to a “cure” for HIV.  We stress the words “cure” for HIV as opposed to chronic management of the potentially deadly virus.  At GENART Technologies, Inc., we designed an HIV vaccine which is expected to be effective, safe, affordable, preventative and therapeutic.  An important part of our mission is to keep the final cost of this life saving vaccine affordable.  It is our hope that with your support we can have this ideal HIV vaccine developed in an accelerated project. 

While we all share a sharp eagerness to witness a cure for HIV, we tend to retreat our hope to no more than a guarded optimism.  Such a position is indeed justifiable, considering all the unsuccessful struggles our scientific communities have so far endured.  Although I respect any skepticism which may dominate your impressions at this time, please, allow me to invite you to accept the notion that, yes, a CURE for HIV is indeed, possible and now finally in sight. We pursued our research in a radically different direction than previously attempted, focusing on the 3-dimensional relationships of HIV protein molecules, rather than their linear sequences.

My name is Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD, President and Founder of the GENART Technologies, Inc. I am board-certified in both Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease – currently practicing at Kings County Hospital and two Family Care Centers in Brooklyn, N.Y. (East New York D&TC and Brownsville Multi-Service Family Care Center) where I care for HIV-infected patients. My research in the field of HIV vaccines since 1995, has led to a vaccine design based on a novel SSSP strategy (Surface Simulation Synthetic Peptides), which is currently under review at the US Patent Office (www.uspto.gov) since December 2001 and recently submitted for publication.

Our HIV vaccine design takes a significantly different approach than previously attempted.  Instead of focusing on the linear sequences of protein molecules, our design focuses on conserved 3-Dimensional configurations of key HIV protein molecules.  This is the only strategy so far that can overcome the high mutation rate of the virus.

The immune system generally targets proteins (e.g. proteins from bacteria or viruses) by recognizing their linear sequences. All previously attempted vaccines so far have been designed to target linear sequences. While these strategies may work for targets that remain constant, they fail to neutralize HIV because the linear sequences of HIV mutate faster than the immune system can respond. Most HIV vaccines tested to date fail because they target linear sequences, thereby duplicating what the immune system is already doing and failing.   What I have found is that the conserved (constant) entity for HIV lies primarily in the 3-Dimensional Configuration of its protein molecules and not in their linear sequences.  The new direction of my research has been to strategize an attack against the HIV virus by addressing those unique (unchanged or conserved) 3-D relationships.

To further clarify the strength of our 3-Dimentional configuration methods, I bring to your attention the fact that the HIV virus only infects humans.  That is because despite all its changes, the HIV virus maintains a unique specificity for the human CD4 protein molecule.  I submit to you that this unique specificity (also known as the CD4-binding site) is a common denominator required for all infective strains of HIV and constitutes an important HIV-specific target for broad-spectrum neutralization.  This CD4-binding site is a highly conserved entity of the HIV virus but it only exists in the 3-D configuration of the molecule and not in the linear sequences.  In the vaccine design we presented to USPTO, we target this unique specificity of HIV for human CD4.  We have successfully translated this conserved entity of HIV from 3-D configuration to unique linear formats designed to enable the human immune system to defend against all infective strains of the HIV virus.

With your support, we can move forward, to implement this vaccine design.  This ideal HIV vaccine is expected to be:

  1. Effective         (broad-spectrum & cross-clade coverage)
  2. Safe                (all predictable side effects eliminated)
  3. Affordable    (for all mankind: rich or poor)
  4. Preventative  (Will prevent HIV infection in non-infected individuals)
  5. Therapeutic      (Neutralize the potentially deadly HIV virus in infected  

Individuals). Moreover, please note that efficacy in the therapeutic arm for this vaccine can be demonstrated in weeks or months as opposed to that of the preventative arm which may require years.

Having researched HIV for many years, I realize that this is a very bold and ambitious endeavor.  I am confident however, that our HIV vaccine design, with your support, will succeed and deliver the ground-breaking vaccine so desperately anticipated in the world. We have refined our development strategies to an accelerated project, which can have the vaccine ready for human trial in less than 2 years. Since this vaccine is designed to be both preventative and therapeutic, its efficacy in the therapeutic arm can be demonstrated within months of administration. 

According to the current statistics, ten (10) people in the world contract HIV infection every one minute. In my practice, I witness first hand, the hopelessness, the helplessness, and the gradual self-devaluation expressed every time a PATIENT would question on the possibility of a cure for HIV.  Considering the morbidity and mortality associated with HIV/AIDS and given the issues of cost, side effects, non-compliance, multi-drug resistance, and the progression of the HIV epidemic, the need for an effective, affordable HIV vaccine is urgent.

At Genart Technologies, Inc., we addressed this problem by formulating the first vaccine designed to be both preventative and therapeutic.  In the process, by translating the conserved entity of HIV from 3-D to linear formats, we helped conquer the most challenging issues in HIV vaccine design: broad-spectrum coverage with inter- and intra-clade neutralization of HIV-1…. As complex as it may sound, our method and our vaccine design hold the most promising solution to the HIV problem.
In order to keep the final cost affordable, the purity as well as the momentum of our mission to genuinely help mankind, in the struggle against HIV/AIDS, should not be handicapped by overwhelming financial investment obligations. This observation is well consistent with our commitment to AFFORDABILITY.  This can only be achieved by raising a significant amount of money through grant contributions, private donations and government contracts.

We thank you for reading about our HIV vaccine design. For more detailed information on our HIV vaccine and development strategies, we can arrange conferences at your convenience. We ask that you kindly make use of the enclosed comment form to send us your feedback, your thoughts and how you may be able to assist us.  Please return the enclosed comment form to: Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD, GENART Technologies, Inc., PO Box 430, Valley Stream, NY 11582-0430. 

Harry F. Crevecoeur, M.D.

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