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Song Lyrics

Far  Away

I always knew there'd come a day
When you'd see why I'm so far away
When you have heart full of love
It' s bittersweet to think of love
As being here, so close and yet so far away
And now as I read your mind
I see we'll never find
another way to say
But if you look inside my eye
You'd see my heart
It's not that far away

Even though we live other lives
The warmth of your touch and your love
Are takin' me so far away
Your love brings me happiness
More than the magic of the neon lights
It's taken me far away
Far away,  far away, far away

I understand just how you feel
Don't get me wrong
If we are wrong
I don't want to know why
I'll still pour in my heart
If you pour in  your soul
In a love that is blind
I never knew we'd seek to find


By Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD
                                                            Copyright 1997 Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

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