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Song Lyrics

Eternal Embrace

The breeze and the moon tonight
Bring something to our candle-light
Dinner.  And it is the kind of feelin'
We can never get enough of
We should leave the world behind us
And go for the moon
See what a little wish can do
When you're in love...
We could take it on the moon
To have a little fun
Baby here we are
Violins and honey, all the fun
In this world is not enough
Everything is not enough
When you're in love

For now I want to hold you
The way I want to
The way I want to hold you

We'll need an eternal embrace
To enjoy this love we've long to share
I will treasure
Every touch and every breath we take

I remember times
Time again you've melted in my arms
I could even feel your heartbeat
And it takes my breath away
To Your innocence and charms
I choose to surrender
In the name of love and wonders
I find so sweet

For now I want to hold you
But to hold you
The way I want to hold you


Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD        
                                                                        Copyright 1997 Harry F. Crevecoeur, MD

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